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You Deserve Health & Fitness Success in 2019

Unfortunately, only 8% of New Year's resolutions succeed.

It's because a few key factors get missed. The solution is simple.

Let's make THIS year the one where we help you succeed! 

The simple reason

so few people succeed is that

they are approaching their goals

from a flawed perspective.

As a professional coach and trainer, I've dedicated my career to helping people overcome barriers to health, fitness, and living an amazing life. My mission is to help people realize that a few targeted and powerful changes can completely transform their results and life.

If you want to look better, feel better, and live better, but have struggled to get the results you want, I invite you see your situation from a different perspective.

Losing weight, and getting in shape are the top New Year's resolutions, but eating well and exercising are actually the LEAST important parts of the success equation.

At FRESH!, we've developed a framework for success called the 4 Pillars of Personal Performance. These are MINDSET, LIFESTYLE, FITNESS, and NUTRITION.

The 6-Week New Year's REVolution Program is designed to help you build the Mindset and Habits needed to live the healthy, active life you aspire to.

Mindset and Lifestyle are the most critical parts of the equation, yet they are the most neglected parts of the equation by people who repeatedly struggle to get the results they want. This is the exact reason people often see some results (weight and inches lost, fitness improvements, etc.), and then "fall off the wagon".

They stop exercising, and it's common to gain all the weight back. For a large percentage of people in this situation, it's because they never cultivated the right mindset, and didn't implement the lifestyle habits necessary to be successful for the long term.

We've developed an entire coaching philosophy around helping people overcome this barrier, and built it into our New Year REVolution Program.

Throughout the program, you will learn the mindset and lifestyle habits (as well as fitness and nutrition tips) to practically guarantee your results!

Here's What You Can Expect in the

New Year REVolution Program...

A Proven Plan

This Year, It's Time To Do It Right! Follow the plan that the expert coaches at FRESH! have used to help transform the lives of thousands of clients. It works well.

Tools & Resources

A Quick Start Guide, 68 Page Success Manual, Functional Fitness Programs, Travel Fitness Plan, Holistic Nutrition Plans, Shopping Guide, Expert Coaching Resources, and MUCH More!

Education & Accountability

Let's Face it. If you had been successful doing it on your own, you wouldn't be reading this. The Team at FRESH! are here with you every step of the way. We are committed to your success!

This program has thousands of dollars in value and is normally $497.00, but as an experiment to help more people kick start their healthiest, happiest, and fittest year ever, we've decided to make it completely FREE for a limited time!

YES...You read that correctly! :-)

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DIANA Richmond

Calgary, AB

"I've always gone to the gym, but I'd been stuck at the same fitness level for years. FRESH! helped me finally cross that plateau and achieve the goals I've been wanting. Now I feel great, am happier, and in the best shape of my life...despite being a mom and in my 40's!"

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